Adapt Developer Connection

The Developer Connection is where you will find everything you need to use Adapt's integration APIs.

AdaptConnect the integration toolkit

AdaptConnect is a collection of technologies that provides developers with a complete toolkit to integrate applications with the Adapt platform. The Developer Connection provides you with everything you need to start building applications that integrate seamlessly with Adapt, Erecruit's software for fast growing recruitment agencies.

AdaptConnect is comprised of five main technologies:

You can find more details on each of these areas by following the links below, or by exploring this site using the menu at the top of the page.

Web Services

A SOAP API for integration, giving access to not just data but all aspects of the Adapt application.



An API for integrating JSON/REST clients with Adapt.


Linked Servers

The Linked Server mechanism provides a means for embedding a web based user interface into the Adapt UI and includes provision for single sign on.


Javascript Services

For integrations utilising Linked Server Views the Adapt Javascript Services provide functionality equivalent to the External Launch technology allowing interaction with the user's running session.



A set of business objects to provide a helping hand when recording activity that requires journal entries or activity data to be updated.


External Requests

The External Requests technology provides interaction with the Adpat UI through a URL based mechanism.

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