The Adapt REST API provides access to:

  1. Applications
  2. Assignments (placements)
  3. Candidates
    • References
    • Education History
    • Work History
    • CVs
    • Availability
  4. Companies
  5. Contacts
  6. Interviews
  7. Jobs

The full documentation for the REST API and all the available methods can be found here.


POST /domains/{domain_name}/logon

In order to use any of the REST interfaces an SID must first be obtained by POSTing a logon request to the logon endpoint for the domain you want to connect to. The ID returned can then be passed in the x-adapt-sid request header to all other methods to identify the REST API session.

Example logon request
POST https://adaptserver:port/WebApp/api/domains/MyDomain/logon
Content-Type: application/json

Successful response
HTTP/1.1 200 OK

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