The web based UI for your application can be embedded in Adapt using a Linked Server view. If you want your embedded application to access the Adapt UI (e.g. to display a record or run workflow) you should use the Javascript Services. The full docmentation for the Javascript Services can be found here.


In order to use the Javascript services you should include the Adapt.js script in your web page. To do this include the following script reference:

 <script type="text/javascript" src="http://<AdaptServerIP:port>/WebApp/external/Adapt.js">

Including this script file will make an 'Adapt' object available to you in Javascript. Before any of the operations offered by the Adapt object can be carried out, the appropriate module must be loaded. There are two modules available one for interacting with the Adapt UI (called 'UI') and one for logging (called 'Logging').

To load a module use the loadModule() service. For example, loading the UI module:

 <script type="text/javascript">
     Adapt.loadModule(Adapt.ModuleNames.UI,function(){alert('UI Module is loaded')});

Having loaded the UI module the Adapt object can be used to carry out operations in the UI. Refer to the documentation for details.



With the Javascript services you can:

  • Open an Entity
  • Start a Workflow
  • Run a business object
  • Import a CV


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