The links on this page provide access to PDF versions of the complete technical documentation for each of the elements in the AdaptConnect toolkit. If you don't already have Adobe Reader installed you can download it here (opens in a new window)

View SOAP V2 Web Services

The SOAP web services documentation provides details of all the available web service end points and the methods supported by each one in the SOAP API. This doumentation corresponds to the latest released version of Adapt, if you are integrating with an earlier version of Adapt some methods may not be available.

Loking for SOAP V1 Web services? V1 Web Services were removed in Adapt 2020.1, the V1 user guide can be found here


In addition to the SOAP web service API, a new REST API is being developed. While not yet quite as comprehensive as the SOAP API, it is simpler to use where it does provide sufficient coverage and will continue to be developed.

View Custom Views

Embed the UI for application within the Adapt UI. Custom Views offer no authentication or seamless sign-on capability, but are very straightforward to use.

View Linked Server Views

Embed your UI within the Adapt UI in a more sophisticated way to Custom Views, to offer validation that the request has come from an Adapt session and for seamless sign-on.

View External Requests

Remote control of the Adapt UI from an external process - either an executable or an application running in a browser.

View Javascript Services

Remote control of the Adapt UI for application running within the Adapt UI using Custom or Linked Server views.

View DB Schema

As described here the DB Schema of Adapt is not fixed and can be different from one organisation to the next. However we do maintain and develop a standard system which forms the starting point for any on premise installation and is the system that all organisations utilising our SaaS offering (OnDemand) will be using.

The DB Schema for the latest version of our standard system is therefore made available as a starting point for information on the data storage of Adapt.

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