The technologies that make up AdaptConnect satisfy a broad range of integration requirements from simply reading/writing data through to extending the Adapt UI to provide access to your application. The full documentation for all the elements of AdaptConnect can be found here.


Adapt is a Recruitment CRM and ATS aimed at all sectors of the staffing industry, but used primarily by recruitment businesses. More information about Adapt can be found here. One of the unique features of Adapt is the degree to which it can be 'configured' to meet individual client requirements. All aspects of Adapt from the DB Schema to the Business Logic can be tailored to match the data storage, data visibility and business processes of an organisation.

This is possible because of the way Adapt is structured. Adapt consists of two elements: an application development toolset and runtime framework (often referred to as the engine); and the recruitment CRM/ATS application developed using that toolset. An Adapt installation consists of both those elements, but crucially includes the 'source code' for the CRM/ATS application. Clients themselves (or Erecruit on the client's behalf) can then modify the source code of the application to meet almost any requirement.

For an integrator this provides a challenge. While most Adapt installations encountered will be broadly the same, there is opportunity for them to vary significantly. If you are doing an integration with a specific Adapt system (for example, providing a web site to a single organisation) this will be less of an issue. However if you are providing a more general inetgration that you want to apply to multiple Adapt systems you will need to account for the degree to which those systems might vary.

More information about the structure of Adapt and how that affects integrations can be found here.



Adapt's REST API provides access to the main data items that can be easily utilised by external applications and web sites. The REST API and the Web Services (see below) overlap in some areas and provide complimentary capabilities in other areas. An application can use both the REST API and the Web Services simultaneously. The REST API should be considered as the primary API, with Web Services providing lower level access when needed.

Read more about the REST API here or view the documentation.


Web Services

Adapt's Web Services provide a comprehensive SOAP API that can be used by external applications and web sites to interface with Adapt. Web Services provide an interface not just to the data stored in Adapt, but also to aspects of the application such as business logic and searches.

Read more about web services here or view the documentation.


Linked Server Views

Linked Server views allow you to embed a UI for your integrated application into Adapt. Develop your UI as a web based UI and then have it appear within the Adapt UI as a fully integrated part of the navigation model. Where seamless sign-on to your application is required, you can validate that a genuine Adapt session has invoked your application and receive details of the Adapt user making the call.

Read more about Linked Server Views here or view the Linked Server Views documentation.


External Requests

External Requests allow a desktop application to interact in a safe way with the Adapt UI through a URL based interface. This is useful for applications whose UI has not been embedded in Adapt (see Linked Server Views) but still want to manipulate the Adapt session. External Requests can cause a record view to be opened, workflow to be run (or a combination of both) and CVs to be processed through CV Import. For example Oak Telecom's CTI client uses the External Request mechanism to pop-up records in response to an incoming phone call.

Read more about External Requests here or view the documentation.


Javascript Services

The Javascript Services provide the same functionality as the External Request mechanism but in Javascript without having to go through an external URL. Typically a Linked Server view would use Javascript services to intergrate with the Adapt UI.

Read more about Javascript Services here or view the documentation.


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